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Pay Rises for Top Paying Finance and Accounting Jobs


According to a post on, top paying finance and accounting jobs can expect an increase of between 5 and 8 per cent when they move jobs. This is according to recruiter Robert Half.

Robert Half says most job seekers in the accounting and finance sectors will be fortunate if they get any pay rise when job hopping because finance companies are leaner today than they were when the global financial crisis hit.

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Accountants Called in to Train Next Gen Private Equity Leaders

trainingAn accounting firm has reached an agreement with the Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (AVCAL) to train future venture capitalists.

Through the partnership, the accounting company Crowe Horwath agreed to provide foundation level private equity education to AVCAL members. The ‘Private Equity 101’ program has been described as critical to the industry.

In an article on the importance of the program was discussed, preparing the next generation of leaders for the industry also helping them foster strong networks for the duration of their career.

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We Need More Gender Diversification in Top Finance Jobs

moneyThere aren’t enough women in Australia’s financial industry, particularly in top jobs, according to new research.

Recent research highlights that Australia’s top 100 companies employ about half the number of female chief financial officers than their international counterparts do.

There is still a gender disparity according to the new research. While women hold just as many jobs in the accounting and finance industry workforce as men, they aren’t holding the top positions.

According to research there were 6 female chief financial officers at Australia’s 100 biggest listed companies in February compared with 11 in the 100 largest companies globally.
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