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Australia Post to Charge for Undelivered Parcels

apAustralia Post is going to start charging customers to collect undelivered parcels according to an announcement it made yesterday.

The entity, once run by the government, said the changes would come into effect later on this year.

At the moment undelivered parcels are held at no cost for 10 days before being returned to sender, but customers want their packages held longer and will be happy to pay for this service.

As of 1 August, a package not collected within 5 days will be cost $3 to collect and parcels held up to 30 days will cost $9.


Financial Week Ahead and Impact on Jobs


According to the latest financial reports, job growth is solid in Australia and is expected to remain so.

Economists are positive about the future of employment with 15,000 new jobs being added in March.

There has also been an increase in theĀ  number of people looking for a job, which may increase unemployment figures from February’s 5.8 per cent.

The Reserve Bank will publish its semi-annual Financial Stability Review (FSR) on Friday. Find out more at:,-australian-jobs-and-us-profits/7314086

Career Advice from Bill Gates

Bill Gates is once again the richest person in the world, and has donated billions of dollars to charity through the foundation he established with his wife Melinda.

As the most successful college dropout in the world, Bill Gates provides some career and life advice as he reaches the milestone of his 60th birthday.


In an interview with Playboy in 1994 Bill Gates said,

You have to be open-minded. Somebody could do it differently and still do it well.

You can’t have this bias that they need to do things the same way’

For more wise words from Bill Gates go to: