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Employability Training to Become Mandatory for Young Adults

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Unemployed young people on the dole will have to participate in compulsory “employability” training as part of the federal government’s youth employment plan.

People under the age of 25 could get a $200 top up to their fortnightly welfare payment if they choose to participate in a business-led internship program.

Its a 3 stage program beginning with 6 weeks of skills training.

Employers will get $1000 for giving unemployed youths work experience and help them a “foot in the door”.

The program would have to be completed within five months of receiving the dole.


App Offers Cheap Financial Advice

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If you’re used to getting financial advice by advisors and paying by the hour, that may soon change with a new app that allows consumers to pay per question instead.

The smartphone developer Crowd Mobile is developing the app to allow customers to consult financial experts remotely from their phones and it costs less than $10 per query.

Crowd Mobile chief executive Domenic Carosa explained the notion of bringing experts into your home for less.

The app benefits consumers by putting professional financial advice within their grasp and helps people in the financial industry make extra cash.


How to Answer The Most Awkward Interview Question

moneySo you completed your financial training and landed an interview at your dream job, but you’re still not sure what to expect.

If it’s your first interview you’re probably a little more nervous, but even seasoned interviewees dread that one awkward question that your interviewer is sure to ask, “What are your salary expectations?”.

Most people don’t know whether to be honest, aim to high or aim lower or simply don’t answer at all.

According to people in senior positions, it’s important that interviewees are realistic about what they ask for. See more at

Could Finance Field Attract the Most Psychopaths ?

ceoSomeone sat down and researched which profession actually attracts the most psychopaths and its CEOs followed by lawyers.

Although psychopaths make up only 1 per cent of the population, they appear to be most common at higher levels of corporate organisations particularly in positions where their actions can have a ripple effect.

The Hare psychopath checklist, developed in the seventies, says psychopaths are identifiable by their lack of remorse for destructive acts and lack of empathy. They also tend to be impulsive, manipulative and sexually promiscuous.

They are likely to be found in places where they can asset their dominance such as in the courtroom or the operating theatre. They are often CEOs, salespeople and media personalities.


These Are the Top 5 Personal Finance Apps

elearning mobileHere are the latest apps to help you stay on top of your finances,

  1. Women’s Money Toolkit (free)
  2. Wally – Smart Personal Finance (free)
  3. Unsplurge (Free)
  4. The Trolley Saver app (free or $2.99 per year with extra features)
  5. My Prosperity (free or $15per month for premium service)

To learn how these apps help you manage your money smarter, visit


Are We Heading for 2008-Like World Crisis?

worldThere are major concerns that we are heading back into a 2008-esk global financial crisis, if we aren’t already there, so this article on is particularly interesting.

The good news is that experts’ answer to this is a resounding “no”, however the recent global financial market turmoil is more serious now with a number of issues fuelling concerns.

Volatility is being fuelled by the Eurozone crisis, the Federal Reserve “taper tantrum,” a possible Greek exit from the eurozone and decline of the Chinese market.

Find out more here.

Career Advice from Bill Gates

Bill Gates is once again the richest person in the world, and has donated billions of dollars to charity through the foundation he established with his wife Melinda.

As the most successful college dropout in the world, Bill Gates provides some career and life advice as he reaches the milestone of his 60th birthday.


In an interview with Playboy in 1994 Bill Gates said,

You have to be open-minded. Somebody could do it differently and still do it well.

You can’t have this bias that they need to do things the same way’

For more wise words from Bill Gates go to: